Nuclearism #10 - Nuclearism Anti-Nuclearism I II III...

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Nuclearism, Anti-Nuclearism I. Motivations for Nuclear Testing In the Pacific a. Perceptions of “remoteness” II. United States Nuclear Tests, 1946-1958 a. Displacement and Radioactive Contaminations b. Lijon Eknilang III. Nuclear-free pacific a. South pacific forum b. Rainbow warrior Keywords: Lijon Eknilang and Rainbow Warrior IDealogical violence continued with Nuclearism. Military sends out brochures out to people of color. What is not well known is that the US tested 66 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands. One of those bombs codenamed Bravo was 1000 times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Why do we know so little about these 66 nuclear tests? 1) If we knew, it would fundamentally violate the principles of US Constitution and Democracy are built upon. 2) To engage about nuclear conversation would be talking about paradoxes and contradictin of US Governance. The Marshallese are not American citizens, they have been subject to US military policies and entwined in American Governance. US is not the only country to test nuclear weapons in the Pacific. France and UK also tested nuclear weapons in the Pacific 1946-1996. Why all these tests “out there?” Scare the Russians. Study the effects on people without using your “own.” Geographically, the pacific islands are “barely inhabited” and remote from the population of the testing powers. Indigenous folks as populations only mattered for scaring Russians or scientific study, not as beings. Henry Kissinger: “There are only 90k people out there in the Pacific. Who gives a damn?” Guam-Int’l agreement allows Japan and US to transfer military and nuclear to send to Guam. The Cold War thus the main motivating factor for all the debate… 1 st to develop the atom bomb
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2 nd to create a more destructive bomb 3 rd to invent a smaller, more mobile atom bomb. (they exist) Tests in Marshall Islands 1946 – 1958 29 atolls and 5 coral islands. US exploded bombs over Bikini and Enewatak. When US
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Nuclearism #10 - Nuclearism Anti-Nuclearism I II III...

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