Godzilla - another Volcano Old man believes in Godzilla...

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Gojira (1954) notes— 1. What are your initial reactions to watching Gojira 2. Who or what is represented by the figure of Godzilla? 3. How do the media and the military come to “know” Godzilla? What method of inquiry do they employ, and why? What knowledge do they share and suppress and why? 4. What kinds of relationships – both prodctive and restrictive- emerge at the intersection of scientific research and national governance? Think about the gendered, economic, and political implications of this question with respect to the lead characters. 5. Finally, how might our discussion of nuclearism and anit-nuclearism in the Pacific Islands inform a critical reading of Jogira and of nuclear issues elsewhere? Japanese Navy…. Explosion at sea…. A mysterious vortex sets fire to Ships sinks named Eiko-maru, Bingo-Maru. Military sends ships out. Disbelief… Media was all over it. Sesationalized: Sea mine? … One ship sinks after
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Unformatted text preview: another Volcano? Old man believes in Godzilla. Media learns about Godzilla from locals and from testimony from other people. Research party to investigate… Press conference w/ research party conclusions Hypothesis -> hydrogen bomb explosion to remove Godzilla from its natural habitat. Ooyama-san believes that the report should not be made public. Formation of Counter-Godzilla headquarters. Prof doesn’t want Godzilla killed. Researching why Godzilla survived radiation… even though Godzilla is a threat to civilization. Dr. Serizawa shows Emiko his research… and he is working on experimental stuff related to fish. Add something radioactive, flip a switch…. Godzilla terrorizes Japan… becomes international matter. Everyone unifies...
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