Key words for MT - Key words 1. Manila Galleon Trade Route...

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Key words 1. Manila Galleon Trade Route a. Who: Merchants, Missionaries, Explorers b. What: Trade route established to trade with the far East by ocean instead of land. c. When: Manila galleon trade route began in 1565 until 1815. d. Where: China -> Philippines -> New Spain -> Europe, Pacific->Atlantic e. Why: Muslims made trading with the Orient very expensive. The world was also divided such that it was “the religious” vs “the non-religious.” There was also a cultural spread so there were hot peppers that ended up in Korea. Before the Asian American and Pacific Islanders categories came into existence, the MTGR was proof there was already trade, exchange, history and conflict. 2. Jean-Jacque Rousseau a. Who: French Philosopher b. What: Coined “NOBLE SAVAGE” – Man in nature, “perfect primitive man” c. When: 18 th century d. Where: Europe e. Why: His idea of noble savage was applied to PI. Encouraged Dawarnism, also a social hierarchy that Europeans were above all (Eugenics). People later used Rousseau’s ideas to describe PI, oriental, indio. Eg: Bougainville went to Tahiti and met “friendly tahitans” that were beautiful, proportionate, perfect, sexually alluring, exotic. Showing privates of “others” was okay but not white people’s reflected in art. Also had constructions of orientals: females being alluring, but not threatening; males just simply not threatening. Both are not intelligent. 3. The Model Minority Myth a. Who: Asians, American Media b. What: Generated by US Media to represent Asians as examples of success despite oppression. It stemmed from two events: Japanese internment in 1942 and the 442 nd Japanese Army Battalion. c. When: 1986 d. Where: United States e. Why: Even though Asians had success in obtaining leadership positions, making money and enrolling in universities, it replaced the passive Oriental with the successful Asian; it defined success solely on material wealth; praises white society as superior and necessary; homogenizes all Asians and ignoring diversity. It is also a tool to incite jealousy amongst other minorities (Hawaiian plantation
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Key words for MT - Key words 1. Manila Galleon Trade Route...

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