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Physics 1A Winter 2008 Problem Set #1 1) a) The mean earth-sun distance is 1.49 x 10 8 km. What is the mean orbital speed of the earth in miles/hr if it makes 1 revolution per year? b) Los Angeles and New York are about 3000 miles apart, and the time difference between these cities is 3 hours. What is the circumference of the Earth in kilometers? 2) Demonstrate the following: a) ()( ) ( ) ×× = AB C ACB BCA GG G G G G G ii b) () ( ) ( ) = ABC A C BA BC G G G G G 3) In the methane molecule, CH 4 , each hydrogen atom is at a corner of a regular tetrahedron with the carbon atom at the center. In coordinates where one of the CH bonds is in the direction of i+j+k , an adjacent CH bond is in the i-j-k direction. Calculate the angle between these two bonds. 4) According to a Scientific American article (May, 1990), current freeways can sustain about 2390 vehicles per lane per hour in smooth traffic flow at speed 97 km/h. Above that figure the traffic flow becomes "turbulent" (stop-and-go). If a vehicle is of length 4.7 m on the average, what is the average spacing between
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