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Solutions1 - Sul^fio^{o.Uh^ Set}=l la u $r.t,ueb*o...

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Sul^fio^ . {o ?.Uh^ Set }=l la"\ u. $r.t ",ueb *o colc*\n\"- 'tl'e &isfo^o *fu- er,*-ih tra,rr-\s in L _fgaqt=-.=- Ct,qq *16\'*\ trr) = BC!1A .,,) -- [q,TqC.a\ [0c*, ve exle^\^l-" I"'ou, linidCll 3h- "a'th f"tl $e w^guin5 +o \r^ue] {his &i*q"ca \n -L !eot< . ' d=tt q.16,.totl nn = v Ll Y*"\ r,J= g.Bb"tott q*o- = lb\-ll- pro!\e,vr k\s uA \ln* tL", €^r+\" rat''.}"c + 6. speat dP [email protected] miVs T". 9 \ours {; ffi}: = L|qlva^-r/s \,le Jo knou i{^"f i+ &^k.e* +1'4' ea,t\h O-Ll hors 1" rq^kt one. 9*[ rot<tio^, el,M, "i'..^^l[""* o =Q,rr gYr+ h"".) =.|536Triil}.I] A1 *Y.
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+t - iu,Ls - t6z)E iL"+ Cd ;il1 = (A\8"- u' n)t-6,uqB.A4-l 't(R'By-B^A))fr v I $7 Ael*Z = KA'B'-8,.A.\0.- c\[A*rs B,. Avli [n',u. - \ A) Lz- e*s*Br s"A'!t, . il[or t.-r1 RJel 1 f x ([\* B.-g' R'\\t SY d,i = [^/-"+[ucy+A,Cz- B,Z = B"C*+ByCv+BzCa ['n,t\t= NN$\NNS\q tA*c +Nrc'v+ A.c)(e-t +\t+ B']) -16a:R =(B"c*+B1c1tts.c)(4"i + A1t " n.t) Thrta^pone,nf&\l^eRHSis: - ,, r T a,mpone,n* d( {hv KR\ is ,. ,.i e n n\ A1B*C1 IA.B'C. - A-\e1 - Axb.c. {\*t5.-B3)t-c111i*uv-n't Th"i 4ow..po".r* oS t1^- RJ{SI 74" B-p C* + A.h Cr- - AyB*Cx - A 1B.C' = (xtN-?'f ?'^A1) - g't\u' -91A'\ X.. fr. aor.roontnt oT 'Y^- A'\\S: " - [";CI"t,U,u.t', - f4-B^cx- A'tsYe] =t([*s'-B"A) rCr(L&'-erN.-) see q$r^* {t^r\,t,o*NL co*7o"'''^'ts r*"ko^ t^P o^ holh RH9 c".-l LHS^ @u L\\5 r\@ilt ft tA I -^' n i' /1= f\*t*A.t)+Hz.f B=ts,,1i-By\ nWt d = it tcr\ ' c,t \ie ccrn -\l I \t/
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