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Discussion questions for students - spring 09

Discussion questions for students - spring 09 - Student...

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Student Discussion Questions and Hints: Students must select and submit four discussion questions. Questions are to be handed in on the due date in discussion. Students must attend discussion to receive credit for their work. No credit will be given for late assignments. Students may choose any four questions; however, they can only submit only four questions in total for grading and only one question after April 6th. To receive full credit, students must answer the question completely, use proper grammar and spelling. A detailed grading rubric posted on [email protected] Be sure to write out the question with your answer. CH. 3 Due in discussion 2/5-2/6 P. 80 Q.3-8 Consider the market for off-campus apartments in your city. Identify some submarkets that have different needs and determining dimensions. Then evaluate how well the needs in these market segments are being met in your geographic area. Is there an obvious breakthrough opportunity waiting for someone? Ch. 4 Due in discussion 2/12-2/13 P. 111 Q. 4-6 The owner of a small hardware store-the only one in a medium –sized town in the mountains – has just learned that a large home improvement chain plans to open a new store nearby. How difficult will it be for the owner to plan for this new competitive threat? What should the owner do and how will this mitigate the threat?
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