New York Cent R. Co vs. Grimstad

New York Cent R. Co vs. Grimstad - Grimstad couldnt swim....

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Econ 404 17:31:47 rmf34 New York Cent R. Co vs. Grimstad Judge(s): Ward – Circuit Judge Court: Circuit court of appeals, second circuit (Location, Date): February 1920 Plaintiff : New York Cent R. Co Case Summary : Grimstad was a man who fell off a ship at night into the water. The ship was not outfitted with any sort of life preservers or rings to throw should someone fall into the water. Were there to be life preservers it is unsure if they would have helped.
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Unformatted text preview: Grimstad couldnt swim. Were there more lights on the ship it also could have helped him not fall in. Since there is no testimony from Grimstad, it is all speculatory and it cant really be decided. Defense : Grimstad Verdict : The trial court denied the motion for the case to be thrown out the circuit court over-ruled this decision. The case is all speculation. Law and Economics Notes :...
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