Quiz 1 Info - French 1145-1155 PERIOD PATRON Late-Dynastic...

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Monument Title DATE Palette of Narmer Egyptian 3000-2920 BC Pyramids of Giza Egyptian 2551-2472 BC Sanchi Stupa Indian 3rd century BC Doryphorus Greek 450 - 440 BC Menkaure and Wife Egyptian 2490 - 2472 BC Kouros Greek 600 BC Parthenon Greek 447 - 438 BC Portrait bust of Pompey the GreRoman 50 BC Augustus of Prima Porta Roman 20 - 15 BC Pantheon Roman 118-125 Arch of Titus Roman 81 Old St. Peter’s Basilica Roman 320 Hagia Sophia Turkish 532-537 Justinian and his retenue San Vitale547 Theodora and Attendants San Vitale547 Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus Roman 359 Bronze Doors of Bishop BernwaGerman 1015 St. Sernin Toulouse 1070-1120 Maistas Domini - St. Pierre French 1115-1135 Chartres Cathedral
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Unformatted text preview: French 1145-1155 PERIOD PATRON Late-Dynastic Narmer Old Empire, IV DynasKhufu, Khafre, C High Classical Period Old Empire, IV DynasMenkaure Archaic Greek High Classical PeriodPericles Republican Pompey Early Empire Augustus Hadrian, High EmpirAggripa/Hadria Flavian/Early EmpireDomitian Early Christian Constantine Byzantine Justinian Byzantine Justinian Byzantine Justinian Early Christian Junius Bassus Ottonian Bishop Bernwa Romanesque Romanesque Romanesque ARTIST , Menkaure Polykleitos Kallikrates and Iktinos, Phidias ian Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus ard...
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Quiz 1 Info - French 1145-1155 PERIOD PATRON Late-Dynastic...

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