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eng 102

eng 102 - Juliana Paynter English 102 Ryan Muckerheide...

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Juliana Paynter English 102 Ryan Muckerheide February 12, 2009 Terrorism from the South of the Border The issue of illegal immigration in the United States is a hotly disputed issue, however perhaps a more pressing issue is an examination at the direct effect this migration has on crime throughout America. A recent episode of Nightline on ABC discussed a growing issue in America, particularly the southwest, that has raised the eyebrows of many citizens. Terrorism, which is usually associated with the Middle East, is now being used to define the activity occurring along the Mexican-American border. Attorney General Jerry Brown claims that the government has been too distracted with Al-Qaeda and “…they have forgotten about another type of terrorists; kidnapping terrorists, drug cartels terrorists, and extortion terrorists (ABC News).” Last year Phoenix, Arizona was recorded to have more kidnappings than any other city in the world except Mexico City, with at least one abduction a day, and is now being referred to as the kidnapping capital of America. It is said that these kidnappings are the result of Mexican drug cartels trying to claim territory, receive ransom or settle scores (ABC News. The Phoenix police have set up a special kidnapping squad that has been put to full use on a daily basis. Sgt. Phil Roberts of the Phoenix Police department stated that “almost all of his detectives are forced to work overtime and his two swat teams are constantly striving to rescue the victims that are usually found brutalized and tortured (ABC News).” However, kidnapping is just one of the many serious crimes being committed by illegal aliens in the United States.
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Gang association, illegal smuggling, drug trafficking, rape and homicide are other forms of crime that are being committed regularly by illegal aliens, just to name a few. Homicide, which is closely associated with kidnapping, is one of the pinnacle issues caused by illegal migration into America. A confidential California Department of Justice study reported that ninety-five percent of outstanding warrants for homicide in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens (MacDonald). It is hard to imagine that almost all of the suspected murderers in L.A., who decided to disobey government official court hearings, were illegal immigrants. Not to mention in 2006 alone, more American citizens were killed by illegal aliens than the accumulated death toll of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (Farah). Considering the vast amount of media attention given to the situations abroad, the lack of attention given to a statistically more serious issue is surprising. It is obvious that the government is too distracted with international issues to focus on the migration that is threatening our national security at an even higher degree. The citizens of the nation depend, and trust, in the Government’s ability to protect them from
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eng 102 - Juliana Paynter English 102 Ryan Muckerheide...

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