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Read the Lausanne document on “The Relationship between Church and Para-Church Organizations”. In a ten-page paper, describe a Para-church Organization you belong to, or are familiar with, indicating its origin, reason for existence, particular emphases, and the way it relates to the church in your area. State lessons you consider both the Para- church Organization and the Church can learn from the papers that can enable them to function more harmoniously together and achieve their objectives more effectively. The term ‘parachurch’ or ‘alongside the church’ describes special-purpose Christian organizations that are not tied to a church or denomination. 1 Some people find the term derogatory as it may imply that the ‘true church’ is only found elsewhere in more traditional ecclesial structures. Others take the other extreme of according them full ‘church’ status in the congregational sense even though such organizations do not administer the sacraments like baptism or the Holy Communion. Nevertheless, it seems fitting for our purpose to use the term without its negative connotation but retains the distinctions that members of the Body of Christ are extending their service within these non-congregational structures. 1 John G. Stackhouse, Jr., Evangelical Landscape: Facing Critical Issues Of The Day , (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2002), page 27 1
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gospel of God’s love and forgiveness shared at an Easter event organized by the student fellowship. In Malaysia, several parachurch organizations like Scripture Union (SU), Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) and Campus Crusade For Christ (CCC) had a rich legacy of service amongst students. I consider myself a fruit of their evangelistic labor and subsequently took active part in the student fellowship at school and later, college. Upon obtaining my degree and starting on a new job in the city, I naturally ‘graduated’ to the marketplace ministry called “Graduate Christian Fellowship” (GCF). In retrospect, much of my own 17-year pilgrimage has been influenced by interaction with these different interdenominational parachurch agencies. Even in Malaysia, George Marsden’s description of American evangelicalism as being built around networks of parachurch agencies rings true 2 . Based on my experience, the overall relationship between these groups and churches in Malaysia could be characterized by synergistic cooperation and mutual respect. However, I could also recognize the existence of tensions and contentious issues discussed by the Lausanne paper on Church/Para-church relationships, which could help us to improve on the existing symbiotic networks. 2
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