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Lab Quiz (12/04/06) PSTAT 174/274 You will get the URL of data from TA or me at the beginning of the discussion session. The question is ‘Analyze the time series and write a short report.’ Your report should have the followings items and it should be in word format. 1. Of course, you need to write your name at page 1. 2. The font has to be ‘Courier New’, font size 11, and single- spaced. (This document has the exact word format) The report can be maximum 5 pages. 3. You need to provide all graphs that support your model. For example, a. Time series graph of original data b. Detrended time series graph, if you choose to detrend time series c. ACF/PACF d. Time series graphs with up to 5-step ahead forecasting and confidence interval of each forecasting step. e. Diagnosis plot You don’t need to provide all the graphs on your model selection and you need to provide at least a few sentences why you provide those graphs. Among all your trial and error, I suggest that you
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