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Chapter 10: International Integration A. Supranationalism o Multinational Corporations can be both sub-state and transnational actors o When something is supranational it means that the non-state actor encompasses more than state o Institutions like the EU have struggle between nationalism and supranationalism o The UN Charter limits their role in working with supranationalists o The globalizing effect of information is one of the main causes of supranationalism B. Integration Theory o international integration is when supranational institutions replace national institutions and the translation of power from the state to a higher global institution o One of the issues with the integration theory is that states are not willing to give up exclusive sovereignty o WTO and NAFTA deal exclusively with trade to try and avoid some of the sovereignty issues o EU one of the best examples of successful international integration Europe locked in war for 500 yrs cooperation of Europe's biggest enemies (France and Germany) promotes free trade and coordinates economic policies can be explained by functionalism (growth of specialized technical organizations that cross national borders) h Neofuctionalism- modification of functional theory to explain developments of more political supranational bodies like the European Parliament h Created a security community in which feelings of a sense of community could develop h Examples Association of South East Asian Nations 1967 Andean Common Market 1969 African Union 2002 B. Costs of Integration o drugs (in South America) due to open borders o greater centralization of political authority threatening individual and group freedom (ethnic groups want to safeguard their cultures, languages, and institutions against global homogeneity)
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o disintegration – states running against integrating tendencies of today's world The European Union o European Union created after WWII and developed but has expanded its memberships and mission over the past 50 yrs
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Chapter 10_Note - Chapter 10: International Integration A....

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