HW5 - ECE 301 Homework#5 due date...

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ECE 301, Homework #5, due date: 10/2/2008 http://www.ece.purdue.edu/ chihw/ECE301 08F.html Question 1: A practical question. Let y ( t ) be a continuous-time moving average system over the past 15 time units, such that y ( t ) = 1 15 Z t t - 15 x ( s ) ds. The above system has many applications, some of which are listed as follows. A missile tracking system: x ( t ) is the measured position of the target vehicle at time t , which is generally corrupted by noise. By averaging over the past 15 seconds, the noise level can be reduced. Stock index analysis: The moving average is important for stock index analysis, which gives you the “average” performance of a particular stock in the past 15 days. Answer the following questions: 1. Is the moving average an LTI system? Why? 2. What is the impulse response h ( t )? 3. Is the moving average system memoryless? Stable? Causal? Invertible? 4. If the input signal is a sinusoidal wave
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HW5 - ECE 301 Homework#5 due date...

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