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Purdue University, School of Nuclear Engineering NUCL 200: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering Spring Semester 2009 Homework 3 Due Friday, February 19, 2009 1. (10 pts) Problem 3.5 from L&B. Hint: similar to photon attenuation, neutron mean free path is the inverse of the macroscopic cross section. Use the textbook appendix for the value of graphite density. 2. 3. Clarification: please interpret the questions as the following: (a) kinetic energy of fission neutrons (b) kinetic energy of β -rays (c) kinetic energy of prompt γ -rays (d) kinetic energy of neutrinos (e) total kinetic energy of
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Unformatted text preview: β-rays, fission neutrons, and fission fragments (f) kinetic energy of fission fragments. 4. (10 pts) Problem 3.51 from L&B. 5. (15 pts) Problem 3.55 from L&B. 6. (10 pts) Problem 3.56 from L&B. 7. (15 pts) Problem 4.8 from L&B. Hint: first find the rate of consumption of 235 U given 200 MeV released per fission. MWt stands for ”megawatt thermal” and corresponds to the power produced in fission, rather than that converted to electricity. 8. (10 pts) Problem 4.11 from L&B. Assume that the fuel consumption rate is 1 g/(MW day). L&B: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering by John R. Lamarsh and Anthony J. Baratta....
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