Chapter 8 PQ

Chapter 8 PQ - Exam Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one...

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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question Table 8 - 1 Total Population 20,000 Working - Age Population 15,000 Employment 1,000 Unemployment 100 Consider the data above for a simple economy. 1) Refer to Table 8 - 1. The unemployment rate for this simple economy equals A) (100/1,100) x 100. B) (100/20,000) x 100. C) (100/15,000) x 100. D) (100/1,000) x 100. 1) 2) Suppose the government launches a successful advertising campaign that convinces workers with high school degrees to quit their jobs and become full time college students. This would cause A) the labor force participation rate to decrease. B) the number of discouraged workers to increase. C) the unemployment rate to increase. D) no change in the unemployment rate. 2) 3) Which of the following cause the unemployment rate as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to understate the true extent of joblessness? A) people employed in the underground economy B) inflation C) unemployed persons falsely report themselves to be actively looking for a job D) discouraged workers 3) 4) Which of the following explains the changes in the U.S. adult male labor force participation rate over the period 1948 - 2006? A) more men are retiring later in life as compared to the past
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Chapter 8 PQ - Exam Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one...

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