Exam 2 listening practice

Exam 2 listening practice - similar sounds as movt. I Lots...

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Title Composer Genre Style Period Help “When I am laid in earth” Purcell Opera Baroque Chorus with woman singing in a medium register and increasing volume as notes get higher. In English Woman singing Violin Concerto in E major (the “spring”) Vivaldi Concerto Baroque Violin chorus, lots of special effects Awake a voice is calling IV Bach Cantata Baroque Obvious steady basso continuo, strings + man voices Water Music, Minuet and Trio Handel Dance Suite Baroque Staccato notes like water drops, played by all groups, percussion, brass/winds, and strings Legato, but similar chords and rhythms Triple meter A Little Night Music I Mozart Serenade Classical Strings + basso continuo + Super familiar (de - da de - da de da de da de - ) A Little Night Music III Mozart Serenade Classical High Strings,
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Unformatted text preview: similar sounds as movt. I Lots of descending patterns, Ice Skating Music Symphony no. 94, II Haydn Symphony Classical Sounds like a soft staccato twinkle twinkle with random loud bursts Horn Concerto, K. 495, III Mozart Concerto Classical Quick tempo, horn with a band accompaniment, lots of 16 th rhythms Symphony no. 40, I Mozart Symphony Classical Other Very familiar one, de da da de da da de da da de Organ Fugue Bach Fugue Baroque All organs Hallelujah Handel Cantata Baroque Twinkle Twinkle Mozart Theme and Variations Classical Suite de Symphonies Mouret Rondo Baroque Starts with horns, same melody in whole song String Quartet, the Emperor, II Haydn String Quartet Classical Slow tempo, string instruments lead...
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Exam 2 listening practice - similar sounds as movt. I Lots...

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