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Due On: Monday December 1 st : Must Turn in During Class! No Exceptions! Quiz # 4 – 1001 Physical Geology Section 3 Name ___ Travis Hood ___ 5 – Multiple Choice Questions – 2pt each – Choose the BEST answer!! 1). Which of the following are True of the U.S. Gulf Coast? a. The Largest River flowing into the Northern Gulf is the Mississippi River b. Very small tidal range: <1m, generally a very weak current c. Wave energy is very high (except during the hurricane season) d. A and B only e. All of the above 2). The modern Mississippi River Delta has occupied its current spatial location for the last 40 million years. a. True
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Unformatted text preview: b. False 3). The Mississippi River delta is considered to be a wave-dominated delta. a. True b. False 4). Which of the following are causes of delta plain land loss in Louisiana? a. The trapping of sediment via dams in the Rocky Mountains b. Eustatic (world-wide) sea-level fall c. Depression of the crust via sediment loading d. Land subsidence driven by sediment compaction e. A, C, and D only f. All of the Above 5). Large spatially extensive (wide) barrier islands will significantly reduce the strength of Tropical Storms (hurricanes) before they hit the true coastline. a. True b. False...
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