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Organizational Flexibility of Wal-Mart 1 ORGANIZATIONAL FLEXIBILITY OF WAL-MART Organizational Flexibility of Wal-Mart Jody Aylesbury, Cathy Sasscer, Christy Scipio, Don Sheldon and Lyn Wilson PSY 428/Organizational Psychology Mary Farmer March 28, 2009 Week 2
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Organizational Flexibility of Wal-Mart 2 Organizational Flexibility of Wal-Mart I. Introduction II. Old Organizational Structure A. Management under Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton 1. Lost control of the company when he opened multiple stores. 2. Complaints from both employees and consumers including complaints to Democrat Barrack Obama in 2006 to help change the Wal-Mart business structure. 3. to organize Wal-Mart workers to improve wages and affordable healthcare. 4. Julie Roehm was fired in December of 2007 because Wal-Mart was unhappy with her modernization techniques. III. Flat Hierarchical Structure of the Modern Wal-Mart
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