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AEM1200 – Spring 2009 – OPTIONAL BUSINESS PROJECT The objective of the assignment is to select and analyze a publicly traded company using basic business tools, concepts, and methods, as taught in the course. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION Groups must file a page stating the members of the group and the chosen publicly traded company with RuthAnn Heath (103 Warren Hall) by Friday April 10 at 2 pm . Every group should consist of 3 students , no more and no less. RuthAnn, the TAs, and the Professor will not accept emails for registration. There are no extensions to this deadline. REQUIREMENTS Every report must include the following: 1. Introductory page stating the name of the company, its date of incorporation, the main businesses that it participates in, and its mission statement. If the company does not have a mission statement, state so and suggest one. (3 pts) 2. A financial statement analysis including: a. A “Du-Pont” system analysis for the last 5 years; b. A basic ratios analysis for the last 5 years; c. A comparison of ratios with two relevant competitors for the last 5 years; d. A comparison of ratios with the overall industry your selected firm belongs to for the last 5 years. The objective of the financial statement analysis is to examine the financial health of the business. While we ask that you use both Du-Pont and ratios, do not limit yourself to these tools. If you suspect some specific liquidity or profitability concerns, or if you feel that the organization
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AEM_1200_Project_guidelines_Spring_2009 - AEM1200 Spring...

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