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DSOC/AMST/LSP 375 GROUP PROJECTS COMPARATIVE U.S. RACIAL AND ETHNIC RELATIONS-MIZE Final Group Project Prompter Dr. Mize The final group project is designed to be summative and you will be responsible for integrating the central ideas of the course into a coherent and logical critique of race and racism and apply to a study site of your choosing how both the interpersonal and institutional facets of race can be challenged and overcome. The group project will be on the contemporary situation of a currently racialized group. Your team will be asked to define the “racial projects” (Omi and Winant 1994) both employed by the racialized group as well imputed onto them in terms of political struggles, everyday experiences, and languages of ‘race’. The final project will consist of a blackboard-based website that offers an authoritative assessment of your topic as well as copious links to related websites and suggested readings. In terms of the content of the website, I expect it to be the definitive website on the racial project of your choosing. By that, I mean that the website should fully cover the issue under investigation, link it to a larger body of scholarly literature, and provide copious links for further information. In other words, you are to provide an electronic and written resource page that fully covers what has been written (on the web and in print) on the racial project under investigation by your group. You will be graded on content, not style (though style doesn’t hurt), so don’t worry about html coding and feel free to use MS Word save as .htm function if you are not proficient in web design and software packages such as Dreamweaver or Front Page. I can provide an html template if you want to use that format. Any further questions about the content of the website and overall design should be
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