Air Power Terms

Air Power Terms - Air Power any use of the spaqce above the...

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Air Power - any use of the spaqce above the surface of the earth to your benefit and to deny that space to your enemy Strategic Air Power – the use of air power to resolve a conflict regardless of whatever happens in any other spectrum. Note: Advocated of strategic bombing have stressed the ability of aerial bombardment to destroy economic infrastructure, to disrupt political cohesion and break the will of the enemy. Tactical Air Power – the use of Air Power to support other forces The USAF has traditionally conceptualized these missions as… (3) 1 Command of the Air – Deny the enemy the ability to use the air for his own purposes- providing your own freedom in the air. 2 Interdiction- Prevent the enemies ability to reinforce supply or withdraw forces on the battlefront. – cut off, to isolate - Targets usually include transportation networks and systems 3 Close air support- Direct support to friendly forces engaged in contact with the enemy. – These missions are usually dangerous and difficult to execute as it requires exact identification of targets, pinpoint accuracy, and low flying Air Supremacy- Opposition is incapable of interference – highest degree; there is no interference whatsoever. Air Superiority- One side is dominating the other – conducts air operations without prohibitive interference – meaning there is destruction of the enemy air and anti-air craft forces Bernoulli’s Principle: named for the 18 th century Swiss scientist who noted that the pressure of a liquid or gas varied inversely with velocity of that liquid or gas. Hence, the faster air travels the lower its pressure. This plays a role (often misunderstood) in explaining, “lift.”
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The Montgolfier Brothers : In mid 1783 Joseph and Etienne, brothers experiment with variety of air balloons and craft with lift capabilities
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Air Power Terms - Air Power any use of the spaqce above the...

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