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1 Lecture 4: Heat Treatment of Milk (contd.) Carmen I. Moraru Cornell University Other types of equipment: tubular heat exchangers - Can handle products that contain particles. - Higher flow velocity is needed to create efficient heat transfer in a tubular heat exchanger as compared to a plate heat exchanger. - Tubular heat exchanger types: multi/mono tube and concentric tube. Multi/mono tube - Operate on the shell and tube principle. Turbulence for efficient heat transfer is created by helical corrugations on the tubes and shell. - Can operate at very high pressures and high temperatures. - The monotube is a version with only one inner tube, which allow particles with a diameter up to 50 mm to pass. Photo : TetraPak Dairy Processing Handbook, 2003
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2 Concentric tube heat exchangers - Consist of straight tubes of different diameters, concentrically located. - The heating/cooling media is located on both sides of the annular product channel efficient heating or cooling. - Well suited for high viscous fluids with strong non-Newtonian flow behavior. - The concentric tube is designed with floating tubes to absorb thermal expansion and to facilitate the inspection of product and media channels. Photo : TetraPak Dairy Processing Handbook, 2003 End of a monotube tubular heat exchanger End of a multitube tubular heat exchanger 1- Product tubes; 2 - Double O-ring seal Scraped-surface heat exchangers - Designed for heating / cooling viscous, sticky and lumpy products. - A scraped-surface heat exchanger consists of a cylinder through which the product is pumped in countercurrent flow to the service medium in the surrounding jacket. -
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Lecture_4___milk_pasteurization__2_ - Lecture 4 Heat...

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