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Unformatted text preview: 1 Byproduct Utilization in the Dairy Industry Carmen I. Moraru Cornell University Casein and caseinates- Casein, the major protein in cows milk, is isolated from skim milk and used as an ingredient in the food industry and chemical industry - Types of casein available commercially:- Rennet casein , obtained by enzymatic precipitation - Acid casein , obtained by acidifying skim milk to the isoelectric point - Micellar casein, obtained by membrane separation- Other protein preparations that contain casein:- Caseinates , commonly sodium caseinate, obtained from acid casein dissolved in sodium hydroxide. Potassium and calcium caseinates are also available.- Co-precipitate , obtained by heating skim milk at high temperatures and then precipitating the casein/whey protein complex, usually with calcium chloride. 2 Rennet casein - flow diagram Renneting Cooling Pasteurization 72C / 15 20 s Stirring & Cooking Draining Drying 60C / 30min I st stage: 5055C; II nd stage: 65 C ~ 12% moisture Grinding 15-20 min Rennet casein powder Coagulation Skim milk Packing 30C Chymosin 2-3 steps, at 45 - 60 C Washing Draining Specifics of rennet casein manufacture- Heating/cooking of the coagulated casein is necessary in order to deactivate the enzyme (rennet). deactivate the enzyme (rennet)....
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Lecture_23___byproduct_utilization - 1 Byproduct...

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