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psyc 359- Test 1 essay questions

psyc 359- Test 1 essay questions - another 6 Discuss the...

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PSYCH 359 - Possible essay questions for test 1 1. Identify different three attachment styles, including how childhood experiences contribute to them and how malleable they are as we grow older. Be sure to include John Bowlby’s tenets and Mary Ainsworth’s methodology in describing the three basic attachment styles. 2. Discuss physical attractiveness. Include certain hypotheses, factors that lead to a judgment on attractiveness, explanations of why these judgments can occur, etc. 3. Discuss why first impressions often are automatic and influenced by demographic or stereotypic cues, and resistant to change (hint: include concepts such as biases and illusions). 4. Describe the prototypical communication patterns of unhappily married partners. Define the key concepts of interdependence theory and explain how they relate to one
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Unformatted text preview: another. 6. Discuss the differences between Exchange and Communal Relationships . Describe the manipulation used by Clark and Mills (1979 ) in their study to create the relationship scenarios. 7. Define commitment. Give examples of personal commitment, constraint commitment, and moral commitment. How do couples preserve and enhance their commitment to their relationship? 8. The Chameleon Effect: The Perception–Behavior Link and Social Interaction by Chartrand & Bargh (1999), the authors suggest that the chameleon effect often has positive social effects. Briefly describe the study and what is meant by the “Chameleon effect.” What evidence in these studies supports that conclusion?...
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