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Unformatted text preview: Guidelines for APA Style Paper for Project 1 The deadline for the paper including all appendices and supplemental documents is stated on the course syllabus. Your paper may be submitted to your TA’s mailbox in SGM 501 anytime up until then. Read and follow these guidelines very thoroughly. Please note specifically that the required attachments to your paper (items 8-9 below) may NOT be dropped off separately; they must be attached and submitted together with your paper. Also, no electronic submissions of any parts of this assignment will be accepted. Your grade will be based on exactly what is submitted in print form at the deadline. The paper is graded out of 100 points. 1. Title page. Be sure your title conveys the content of your study clearly, identifying the variables you have analyzed. Include a running head and a page header. The running head is an abridged version of your title, and the page header should be 3 words or less. Choose a page header that is a sensible short phrase, rather than using the first words of your title. Repeat the page header and page number on every page of your paper. (5 points.) 2. Format an Abstract for an empirical paper. (10 points.)for an empirical paper....
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