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Introduction to image processing in Matlab A digital image is composed of pixels which can be thought of as small dots on the screen. Image formats that we mostly work with in Matlab: 1. Intensity image (gray scale image) It represents an image as a matrix where every element has a value corresponding to how bright/dark the pixel at the corresponding position should be colored. We can use 0 to represent dark and 255 to represent white, and values between 0 and 255 to represent other gray levels. 2. RGB image This is a format for color images. It represents an image with three matrices of sizes matching the image format. Each matrix corresponds to one of the colors red, green or blue and gives an instruction of how much of each of these colors a certain pixel should use. Read in an image We can use the Matlab function imread to read a image, and then use imshow to display it in a figure window. We can do simple operation on the image such as rotation, or subtracting each pixel from the one on its right, as shown in Figure.1.
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MatlabImageProcessingIntro_JA - Introduction to image...

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