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Note to class 2_19_09 - This does not get you off the hook...

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February 10, 2009. Enough students in our class have made me aware that e-mailing A#09 so late (Wed evening) created a significant scheduling problem for them in trying to do the homework in the space of a day and a half already packed with other commitments like studying for two exams, athletic competition, etc. Normally, we have to do the things we have to do in the time we have available, but in this case I could not ignore the number of requests. So I will delay A#09 until next Tuesday, Feb 24 th
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Unformatted text preview: . This does not get you off the hook. We will have a quiz tomorrow which will include Wednesday’s lecture on Fourier transforms. I will also send out A#10 that will be due on Tuesday, Feb 24 th . (Note. Two assignments will be due on Feb 24 th .) Make sure you read my Fourier transform notes. We already covered everything thru page 12. You will find pages 6, 11, 12 especially useful for A#09. The videos are also a very good source of information on how to solve Fourier transform problems....
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