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SYLLABUS ECSE–2410 Signals and Systems Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Spring 2009 Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Instructor: Prof. Michael Wozny, JEC 6007, x6089, TA’s: Jon Ashdown Michelle Bezdecny UG TA To be determined. Office Hours: TAs will also hold office hours (to be determined). James Streitman - Stacwick Rouseeau 303 Office Hrs. -- Wed. 2 pm - 4 pm // Wed. 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Lectures : Section 1: Tue, Wed, Fri. 8:30 am-9:50 am. Sage 5101. Section 2: Tue, Wed, Fri. 10:00 am-11:20 am. Sage 5101. Prerequisites: ECSE-2010 Electric Circuits. MATH-2400 Introduction to Differential Equations. Familiarity with the Rensselaer Computing System (to use MATLAB). Required Text: A.V. Oppenheim and A.S. Willsky, Signals and Systems , 2ed., Prentice Hall, 1997 (ISBN 0-13-814757-4) Supplemental Text: Not required, but available in the Bookstore. Schaum’s Outline on Signals and Systems (Has many worked out examples.) Videos: The class WebCT website has a link to the videostreams. Videos include select old exam problems and concept problems worked out in detail. These videos are strongly recommended for help with the homework and are the review for exams. Grading: 3 exams (one hour and 50 minutes each, in class) - 36% (12% each) Final Exam (three hours) - 30% Homework Assignments (about 22) - 12% Quizzes based on Homework (roughly 22 in class)
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SignalsSyllabusS09 - SYLLABUS ECSE2410 Signals and Systems...

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