simulink_comm_sys_3-18-09 - 3/18/09 Matlab/Simulink Topics...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/18/09 Matlab/Simulink Topics Matlab transfer functions / Bode plots 1 tf() 1.1 Use tf() to generate transfer function H from numerator, denominator polynomials 1.2 H = tf(N,D) 2 Poles and Zeros Plot 2.1 pzmap(H) % generate pole/zero plot of transfer function H 3 Butterworth filter generation (cutoff frequencies in rad/sec) 3.1 Lowpass 3.1.1 [N, D] = butter( order, cutoff, 's') % use s to specify continuous-time filter 3.2 Highpass 3.2.1 [N, D] = butter(order, cutoff, 'high', 's') 3.3 Bandpass 3.3.1 [N, D] = butter(order, [wl wh], 's') % specify corners of passband 4 Plotting response 4.1 Bode plots 4.1.1 bode(H) 4.1.2 bodemag(H) 5 Finding poles / zeros 5.1 poles(H) 5.2 zeros(H) 6 Plotting response 6.1 Impulse response 6.1.1 impulse(H) 6.2 Step response 6.2.1 step(H) % illustrate ringing in 5 th order Butterworth filter Communication systems in Simulink: see attached diagrams on next pages and *.mdl files. synch_mod.mdl This is a simple model of synchronous AM modulation/demodulation. Square and triangle waves of 1...
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This note was uploaded on 05/03/2009 for the course ECSE 2410 taught by Professor Wozny during the Spring '07 term at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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simulink_comm_sys_3-18-09 - 3/18/09 Matlab/Simulink Topics...

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