09 - -Rejection of the middle class tastes (which have...

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1/29/09 Romanticism - First half of 19 th century, sometimes said to have started in the latter half of the 18 th century - Bridged classicism and realism - Doesn’t become “fashionable” until after 1824 - Different from neo-classicism – no distinctive technique o Classism: look at greek and roman technique/influence o Romanticism – just focus on the individual/self, no particular influece - Reflect the inner life, not the rational life - Tend to look at the middle ages or other “exotic” places - Return to nature, to the natural state - Artists—rebels/outcasts of society
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Unformatted text preview: -Rejection of the middle class tastes (which have become increasingly conservative) o Clinging to neo-classical painting Horse-Confusion, confusion/creative spirit of artist Monk at sea shore-Miniscule compared to nature Capsizing boat-Looks to color to express feeling o Experimenting with water drops o Secondary colors, complementary/contrasting colors Contrasting colors attract your attention-Bodies are not carefully restrained or completely upright; tortured, emotional Massacre of quios?-...
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09 - -Rejection of the middle class tastes (which have...

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