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1/20/09 Neo-Classicism, late 18 th century - Architecture vs. painting: Both have vertical/horizontal orientation, grid - Influenced by “pre-thinkers”, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson o Social reform, revolution, first French Revolution, period of enlightenment, idealistic o A more “democratic” art, an art that reflects the ideas of the middle class o Model art after Greek and ancient Roman Republic (associated with democracy) - Focus on lines and figures, not on color, shallow backgrounds to emphasize figures in forefront, attempt to appear sculpture
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Unformatted text preview: (3D), shading, black*, transition from light to dark, few visible brush strokes to make it appear like a marble sculpture o Return to simplicity, return to purity Artists hoped that works would inspire society to be more pure, rational Vertical/horizontal orientation represents the ideal of uprightness and righteousness, Socrates sits straight even in the face of suicide for his ideals-What are they trying to reform against? o Hedonism, aristocracy...
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