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09 - -Brush strokes interweaving of brush strokes to get...

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Section 2/5/09 Oath of Horatio vs. Belasarius Begging for Alms - Color: Interested in primarily colors, characteristic of neo- classical paintings o Horatio: red portrays unity, eye focus left to right on the red of the sons to the red of the father to the softer red of the women o Begging: also left to right, but no middle red; more like covers of a book - Light and shadow: draws focus to certain places o Horatio: swords o Begging: where hands are meeting - Teaching view of larger ideals of civic virtue, democracy, education, etc. - Men are straight up, sculpture Roman/Greek - Women are slouched over - Space o Horatio: pyramid o Begging: diagonal Massacre of Chios vs. Dante and Virgil? - Both painted by De la Coix, romantic period
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Unformatted text preview: -Brush strokes, interweaving of brush strokes to get color-Virgil: Hell-Massacre of Chios: Turks killing the people of Chios; Homer was born in Chios-Colors o Chios: red unifies from left to right o Virgil:-Movement o Virgil: circular movement because of light and darkness, there is no focal point, no central hero o Chios: same as Virgil, circular because of red spots-Focus on color versus lines emotion-Emphasis on darker side of human nature, not reason The Death of Marat vs. Brutus, dead body of son-Death is portrayed differently-Color o Brutus: red o Death: red vs. pale white-Death: in a bathtub, he was nude, vulnerable The Death of Marat vs. (death and red bed)-...
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