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2/19/09 Section Execution of May 3 (Romanticism) vs. Death of Marat (Neo-Classical) - Both martyrs - Both in white - Execution is symbolizing Christ, whereas death is more helpless Saturn devouring his children vs. Madiya and her children (Delacroix) - Use of red o Saturn: blood grotesque, draws your eye to the portion of the work o Madiya: draws our eye to the drape, suggests what is to come, blood - In relation to romanticism o Relates to raw emotion, irrational Courbet’s stone breakers vs. Courbet’s burial - Burial: dominated by horizontal time no one person is more important than the other person (this is also
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Unformatted text preview: characterized by no singular subject, people were added one after another when painted)-Both frustrating: no subject vs. cannot see faces o Subject for stone breakers is the working class, not a specific subject o Subject for burial is the individual who has been subject, the “absent subject”, all toes are pointing to it Horizontal line, crucifix is sticking right above the horizontal line, emphasizes it.-Burial emphasizes the real aspect of life and death, not the religious aspects...
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