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ARE 130 – Winter 2009 Exam #1 - KEY PRINT Your Name: KEY 1. From the readings, California agriculture relied on _______________________ for it growth in the early years: a. large-scale operations b. mechanization c. hired labor d. both a. and c. are correct. e. a. and b. and c. are all correct 2. The example in the reading for volume control of products was: a. cotton b. wheat c. raisins d. tomatoes e. none of the above 3. Thinking about Porter’s five forces, the reading suggest that cooperatives were used to compete with: a. Buyer power b. Seller power c. Threat of substitutes d. New entrants e. None of the above – Porter’s model does not apply 4. In California the specialty crops: a. started around 1850 and enjoyed steady growth b. started around 1900 and replaced the larger existing farms. c. started around 1930 as a result of the Great Depression d. started around 1940 as a result of demand from World War II 5. California produce such as prunes and fruits could enter the European markets because of: a. innovative trade agreements b. lack of production in Europe c. higher quality produce from California d. currency manipulations e. all of the above 6. A supply curve reveals a. the quantity of output consumers are willing to purchase at each possible market price. b. the difference between quantity demanded and quantity supplied at each price. c. the maximum level of output an industry can produce, regardless of price. d. the quantity of output that producers are willing to produce and sell at each possible market price. 7. Plastic and steel are substitutes in the production of body panels for certain automobiles. If the price of plastic increases, with other things remaining the same, we would expect a. the price of steel to fall. b.
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ARE130_W09_MT01_KEY_Parts_I_II - ARE 130 Winter 2009 PRINT...

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