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FST_160_Feb_20_Formulating_for_Health - Since our last...

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2/20/2009 1 Food Product Formulation for Health The Example of Whole Grains and Fiber FST 160 February 20, 2009 Since our last class… FOOD ADDITIVES Functional Foods “Claims” –Regulated by FDA –Made by manufacturers –Made by “health professionals” –Believed by consumers Consumers are Confused Food Scientists are Confused! What to buy???
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2/20/2009 2 Why is Formulation for Health Important? Our reasons for purchasing and eating foods are changing… Diverse consumers seeking diverse experiences Health is more “top of mind” Concern and confusion National and Governmental concerns about nutrition-related diseases What is our role as food scientists? Integrity Interpret and Inform Emphasize a balanced lifestyle Impact on business – if people are told to eat other foods and less of a type of food, what does that mean to the bottom line? We need new strategies!
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FST_160_Feb_20_Formulating_for_Health - Since our last...

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