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2/5/2009 1 Postharvest Technology and Further Processing of Produce (Also applies to other plants, e.g., grains) FST 160, Winter 2009 February 2, 2009 Why Fresh Produce? Plants are the basis of food science. Fruits and Vegetables are part of almost every meal in some form (including potatoes). Increasing interest in Fresh-Cut produce in food service and retail markets. Importance in human health. Importance to environment. Importance to society and economy (local food). Lab this week…. Each pair of students will receive one fruit or vegetable, one treatment (e.g., sharp vs. dull knife, blanching) and at least two of the following processing conditions: refrigeration, blast freeze, drying, freeze drying. → Review FST 50 notes Start on your prototypes…get your grocery list to me by 9 pm tonight! (Include amounts) Lab #4: make observations (will provide a list of all samples), write up due TBD (~3 pages) Plants are the Basis of Food Everything we eat is derived from plants including the diet of animals that we use for food Provide colors, flavors, texture modifiers Starting point for “artificial”, derived, or designed food ingredients Source of phytochemicals and functional foods
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2/5/2009 2 Increasing Interest in Fresh-Cut Produce: Food Service and Retail Fresh cut sales are up in all categories Food Service – including quick serve restaurants and convenience stores Retail (consumer) Retailers and consumers expect fresh cut to conform to same quality as packaged food Consumer Beliefs “Fresh” and “local” are healthier Consumers beginning to question (Pollard and
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FST_160_Feb_2_Postharvest_Fruit_and_Vege - 2/5/2009 Why...

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