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2/20/2009 1 Micro-components & Food “Additives” Formulating for Claims FST 160 February 9, 2009 Get your grocery lists into me by 5 pm today!!! For the PD Project: Identify competitors At a minimum, Goggle your concept Other places to look: Patent searches, Trade Journals Lab Guests/Demos: Thurs, Feb 12: Kathy Kennedy, 9 – 10 am Tues, Feb 17: Stacey Hawley, 11 am – 12 pm Questions about the midterm???? FOOD ADDITIVES ΨFood is chemical ΨDefine: Anything added to food ΨNot good consumer PR ΨCritical to make a product what it is (“quality”) ΨCritical for product differentiation Components of Food Fat Carbohydrate Protein Water Micro-components
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2/20/2009 2 Why Food Additives? Preservation: Salt, Acids Function: Baking power, stabilization, Sensory characteristics: appearance, flavor, texture (AFT) Are these Food Additives? Yeast in Beer Lactobacillus in yogurt Food Packaging Processing Aids: Chemicals used in very small amounts (<<2%) to facilitate processing, e.g., flowability, anti-foam
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FST_160_Feb_9_Food_Additives,_Formulating_for_claims -...

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