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flour-rept - 3 Questions 1 Name two amino acids which...

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FST101B Flours 1. Purpose: Briefly state the overall objective of each of the two flour labs. 2. Data:  Provide a table of data for the cakes.  Include the following as separate columns in  this table: - describe each formula by its variation with regard to  the control formula, e.g. +50% fat - for each formula provide a concise description of major cake fault(s) observed. - match each formula to the appropriate description of faults  found on pages 2-26  and 2-27. Provide a second table of observations of pH, general appearance and taste of the  scones.  In this table list the acid and base for each formula.  
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Questions: 1. Name two amino acids which appear in abnormally large amounts in gluten forming proteins. Draw their structures and discuss their role in the formation of gluten. 2. Describe the chemical/physical processes which occur when a dough transforms into bread during the baking process. 3. What is the purpose in using a baking powder which is "double acting" as a chemical leavening agent? 4. What are the four basic ingredients in a pound cake, and what are their roles....
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