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ARE130_W09_MT02_MASTER_KEY_Part_Two_Essays - ARE 130 Winter...

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ARE 130 – Winter 2009 Exam #2 – MASTER KEY ARE130_W09_MT02_MASTER_KEY_Part_Two_Essays Page 1 of 1 Part IV – Short Answers on Next Page – four at five points each for a total of 20 points. #1. What is the food marketing bill and what does it measure? What has been the trend over the past 40 years in the composition of the food marketing bill that makes it of interest to the study of agricultural markets? The food marketing bill is that part of the total food bill that aggregates of all costs added to the purchases of agricultural product at the farm gate to be able to deliver a final product to the consumer. The other part of the total food bill is the farm share that represent that portion of the consumer dollar that is paid to the farm. The food marketing bill included costs such as food-processing, packaging, and transportation. Over the last 40 years the trend in the food marketing bill has been to become a larger percentage of the total consumer expenditure on food going from about 50% to about 80%. For agricultural markets
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