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Bradwell v illinois

Bradwell v illinois - she lived there and thus had to...

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Shaan Yadav-Ranjan Case Brief Bradwell V. Illinois Title of Case and/or Parties Involved Myra Bradwell V. State of Illinois United States Supreme Court Facts of the Case Myra Bradwell was a woman, born in Virginia, residing in Illinois whose husband was a lawyer. Mrs. Bradwell applied to the Illinois State Bar but was denied because of her gender. Legal Issue or Legal Question Does the 14 th amendment give states the right to deny people from pursuing lawful callings? Verdict or Holding The court voted that admission to the bar is not part of the privileges and immunities clause. Reasoning or Analysis The court found that Mrs. Bradwell was a citizen of the state of Illinois because
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Unformatted text preview: she lived there and thus had to listen to the rules of the Illinois state legislature. Because Mrs. Bradwell was a citizen of Illinois, the State of Illinois could not pass any laws abridging her privileges or immunities, but admission to the state bar is not considered a privilege or immunity because admission has nothing to do with citizenship. The court goes on to discuss the rule of nature and how women are meant to be protected not protectors and that under a states police power a state can decide which offices women are allowed to work in. Dissenting Opinion Chief Justice S.P. Chase dissented with no opinion. I...
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