exam 2 review guide - - State conventions that had...

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Exam 2 review terms Nullification - Nullification Crisis 1832-1833 (DACL 75/78 READ FOR QUIZ) - caused by increasingly high tariffs o congress passed tariffs to try and protect American cotton But it’s bad because they can’t import industrial goods to make their cotton. - important step in debate over the proper powers of the states - SC argued that no government or branch was the ultimate sovereign Calhoun Argued that: -The American people had always met to exercise this absolute power in state conventions.
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Unformatted text preview: - State conventions that had dissolved the connection with England, created state constitutions, and ratified the federal constitution.- All-powerful state conventions would never render themselves powerless Review marshal and supremacy clause Political Compromise-Nullification crisis settled through a political compromise o Force bill and lower tariffs-Kept southern concerns about slave-driven economy in national debate-Revealed deep rifts in constitutional interpretation of sovereignty...
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exam 2 review guide - - State conventions that had...

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