Karl Marx - I.Karl Marx A.Socialism 1.socialism is...

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I. Karl Marx A. Socialism 1. socialism is interchangeable with communism 2. Marx was not the first socialist. a) Early Christians held ownership of goods in common b) Plato also suggested collective property 3. in 19 th century, socialism emerges as a result of industrialism. 4. three types of socialism: a) Feudal – criticism of capitalism and industrialism from the right b) Utopian – believed a socialist society is based upon cooperative principles. And the way to do this is to create model utopian communities where people share and not compete with one another. Setting up model communities i.e. Mormons. Marx ridiculed this; it shows no economic power. c) Scientific – ridicules utopian socialism. Marx’s socialism. B. Life and Times (1818-1883) 1. Political activist – in 1872 there was a split between Marx and anarchists. 2. his gravestone states: “all hitherto philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it.” a) Marx believed great wealth was in a dependent relationship with great misery. C. Locke, Wage Labor, and Surplus Value
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Karl Marx - I.Karl Marx A.Socialism 1.socialism is...

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