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Exposing Selfless Policy towards Happiness There are many diverse ways of becoming happy while living our lives. Those of monks’ and Tibetans make up a small group, followed by Chinese. Others come from the Philippines, Brazil, Peru and even the United States. Some become like Dalai Lama, some obtain partial degree of happiness and still others never obtain happiness as the lengthy grieving problems would prevent them from achieving happiness entirely. Many stay in the mountains indefinitely, where they spend the rest of their lives contributing to the exploration of self, while being denied the worldly pleasures that are enjoyed by the rest of the world. Daniel Gilbert and Robert Thurman’s thesis in “Immune to Reality” and “Wisdom” are designed in such as way that they discriminate against those who are not sufficiently exploring the self. The worldly suicides of populations are largely due to ineffective and disorganized behaviors in personalities. However, there are terrific advantages in not allowing the self to deteriorate us. For some of us, it is too hard, so finding happiness for most of us people is never completed. Gilbert states that most of us often receive self-destructing thoughts, which are also a hindrance to pure happiness. Though practices like meditating and seeking into ourselves are considered highly rewarding for our lives, argued by Thurman, many of us still take the risk by continuing the way we live materialistically. Happiness is a level at which our wants come closer to the facts of life, making both sides equal. When this equilibrium is attained then our temporary phase of happiness arrives. As happiness arrives at a personnel level therefore there is no precise definition of happiness. It is basically a personnel feeling and it can be triggered at different situations. Some of these situations are like; happiness is where there is no fear in our hearts. Happiness could be where 1
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confidence flows. Happiness is peace of mind. Happiness is opposite to us; therefore it is a temporary stage of not being ourselves. Furthermore, happiness is across the sea, but indeed a click away, hence our destination. It presides in everyone but it is up to the individuals how they want to find it. If someone says that they are happy that means either his surroundings were sad or he does not know what happiness is. Money is happiness and happiness is like money, you want more and more till you are no more. No man has yet acquired happiness to its fullest. There is always a stage beyond the current one. Of course there has to be this stage where innocence gives a shelter. If you fall into this category then happy equals sad hence everything is fine and you have nothing to attain on this road. Is there any necessary connection between our actions and the happiness of others?
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exposessay6 - Exposing Selfless Policy towards Happiness...

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