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Unformatted text preview: Comp 314 —Worksheet ( Week 06) Project 06 Deadline: 0900 Friday 27 March / 0900 Monday 30 March Irrelevant code will be penalised 1 in project submissions. 1 In the lab In the lab this week, you will 1. Complete unfinished code in your week 05 assignment. If you got less than 100, you must do this. Your assistant will check that you have actually completed the design and code, and much more importantly, the tests. 2. Take the PLAI F1WAE interpreter, produce a parser for it (you may modify code you have previously written) a comprehensive set of tests for the parser. 3. Run the parser tests. 4. Now define tests for the parser run in tandem with the interpreter to interpret programs, and run the tests on s-expression programs as input. 5. If you have any time left, start the assignment for this week. The assistants will be able to help you. To get an attendance grade for the class, you need to arrive at the lab class on time and to stay and work on Comp 314 tasks until the end of the class time. Document last compiled on March 23, 2009 1 2 Assignment This week you must complete your designs, data definitions, and, in particular, your batteries of tests for each part below and deliver it at the first deadline. Projects will not be accepted from students who fail to deliver their tests at the first deadline.will not be accepted from students who fail to deliver their tests at the first deadline....
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This note was uploaded on 05/03/2009 for the course COMPUTER S Comp 314 taught by Professor Chrisstephenson during the Spring '09 term at Istanbul Bilgi University.

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comp-314-2008-2009-spring-ws-06 -

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