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Unformatted text preview: Comp 314 —Worksheet ( Week 02) Project 02 Deadline: 0900 Monday 2 March Irrelevant code will be penalised 1 in project submissions. 1 In the lab In the lab this week, you will 1. Complete unfinished code in your week 01 assignment. If you got less than 100, you must do this. Your assistant will check that you have actually completed the design and code. 2. Implement the solution to all parts of quiz 02 question 2. Your assistant will give you an on the spot grade for your work. This grade will be part of your coursework grade. You may not proceed to this until you have completed the first part. 3. If you have any time left, start the assignment for this week. The assistants will be able to help you. . 2 Assignment Using the PLAI language, and HtDP methods, and the lambda-sentence data type and functions that your wrote in the lab, design test code the following functions 1. A function that takes a lambda-sentence and produces a list of the bound identifiers in it (without repetition)....
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This note was uploaded on 05/03/2009 for the course COMPUTER S Comp 314 taught by Professor Chrisstephenson during the Spring '09 term at Istanbul Bilgi University.

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comp-314-2008-2009-spring-ws-02 -

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