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Assignment #2 Due: Feb. 14, 2009 (11:59 pm submitted electronically) You are asked to develop a solution and design a C++ program to calculate the average for student and print a report. The following data are provided; the student has a final exam score, a midterm score, 2 quiz scores and total for homework scores. Tests and quizzes are out of maximum 100 each. The total for homework is maximum 500. Final exam is worth 40%, midterm is 30%, each quiz is 5% and homework is worth 20% of the average. Design a C++ class to represent a student, and write a driver to process a student. Must use good format (iomanip class) and constant to represent weights for all categories. Include UML as part of your documentation. Prompt the users for the name of the student, and each of the scores, read them, and then calculate the average based on the provided weight. At the end print a complete report about the student with all the details with nice and informative labels.
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