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Assign3S09 - inventory item Sample Output format(Prompt...

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Assignment #3 Due: Feb. 20, 2009 (11:59 pm submitted electronically) You are asked to develop a solution and design a C++ program to maintain inventory for a shop. 1) You need to design a class that declares variables to hold the following data fields about an inventory item: Item number (8 digit number), quantity on hand, unit price, and item name ( it may contain several words separated by spaces maximum 25 characters long). 2) Write a driver program to test the inventory class. 3) Prompt the users for the products info and store them in 3 objects of type inventory. At the end print a complete report about all the inventory items with all the details printed with nice and informative labels. Also calculate and print the total value of the inventory items on hand (quantity times unit price). Use the following data to test your program: (input to your program is the data associated with a
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Unformatted text preview: inventory item.) Sample Output format (Prompt user for 3 products and produce the following table): Inventory Report Product Name Number Quantity Price Item Cost Manual Bicycle Pump 12345678 7 $12.99 $90.93 Inner Tube Size 12 23456789 10 $5.99 $59.90 Bicycle Tires 13456789 5 $7.99 $39.95 Total inventory cost is: $150.83 Use the data shown in the table to test your program. You may use any environment (Visual Studios, xcode, . ..) to develop the program, but you need to upload it to your Unix account to submit it. Prior to submission compile the program using g++ to make sure it works properly. To submit your programs electronically refer to the instructions posted on the class web site or Blackboard. What to submit: A file containing student Id section, analysis, algorithm, Class UML and C++ code....
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