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Assignment #4 Due: Feb. 28, 2009 (By 11:59 pm submitted electronically) You are asked to develop a solution and design a C++ program to maintain inventory for a shop. 1) You need to design a class that declares variables to hold the following data fields describing an inventory item: Item number (8 digit number), quantity on hand, unit price, and item name (it may contain several words separated by spaces maximum 25 characters long). Use the following UML to develop the class. Inventory - Prod_Name : string - Prod_Id : long - Quantity : int - Price : float - Cost : float + Inventory() // Set values to 0 + Inventory(string name, long id , float qu, float pr) // Set values to passed values + Set_Name(string n) : void //Set name to n + Set_Id(long id) : void //Set product id to id + Set_Price(float pr) : void //Set product unit price to pr + Set_Quantity(int qu) : void //Set quantity on hand to qu + Get_Name(void) : string // Return name of the product + Get_Id(void) : long // Return the product Id
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