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01-14-09 Notes - Influential Themes of Hebrew Culture View...

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Hebrew Culture and Monotheistic Religious Thought Western Culture as Synthesis? Hebrew and Greek? Debate about Egyptian Influence? Bernal, Black Athena Importance of Hebrew Religion: Monotheism and Humans Why was Religion so important? Politics, Geography Leaders and Events in Hebrew History after 1900 B.C.E. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Migration to Egypt, Moses (c. 1270 B.C.E.?) "The Exodus," Ten Commandments, Yahweh, Return to Canaan Kingdom of Israel (1000-922 B.C. E.), King David, King Solomon Temple in Jerusalem, Symbolic Meaning of the Temple Israel and Judah, Assyrian Conquest (722 B.C. E.), Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, Babylonian Captivity (c. 586 B.C.E.), Exile and Return Roman Repression and Dispersal of Jews (70 C.E.)
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Unformatted text preview: Influential Themes of Hebrew Culture View of God: Polytheism to Patriarchy to Monotheism View of Ethics (Prophets), Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah View of Judgment (Exile), Persian Influence? Satan and Messiah View of Nature: Transcendent God Beyond Nature Humans Do Not Worship Nature; People use Nature View of Human Beings: Personal Action/Responsibility Individual Choices define Ethical Action View of History: Linear with Purposeful Patterns Unique, Meaningful Events; Alternative to Cyclical View View of Literature: Human Struggles on Earth Narrative Structure as a Model for Western Literature Hebrew Monotheism and later Religious Identity? Judaism, Christianity, Islam...
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01-14-09 Notes - Influential Themes of Hebrew Culture View...

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