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The Emergence of Christianity: Beliefs and Leaders of the Early Church Christianity and Ancient Thought: Synthesis of Cultures? Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Origins of “Western” Identity? Role of Religion in Cultural identity? Success of Christianity? Relation to Mystery Religions Doctrines, Organization/Hierarchy, Roman Imperial System Jesus (4B.C. - 29 A.D.) and Jewish Culture Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls), Zealots Life of Jesus, New Testament Gospels: Life Becomes Texts Critique of Rituals, Inner Life and Religious Inclusion Pacifism, Influence of Hillel? Resurrection of Jesus? Paul (5?-62?): Defining a Universal Religion Links Hellenic Themes to Jewish Sect? Open to all Believers Appeal to Women and Lower Classes, Organizing a Church The Structure and Order of the Early Church
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Unformatted text preview: Priests, Bishops, and Popes Radical Asceticism, St. Simeon (390?-450) Church Law and Bureaucracy, Persecution of Christians Value of Roman Empire: Communication, Language, Roads Constantine (313), Theodosius (392) Nicea (325) and Nicene Creed, Arius and Arianism Church Fathers and the Shaping of Roman Catholicism Jerome (340-419), Latin Version of the Bible (Vulgate) Ambrose (340-397), The Assertion of Church Authority Augustine (354-430), The Doctrine of Original Sin Rejection of Manicheans, Confessions , The City of God Limits of Free Will, Problem of Evil and Grace The Legacy of Augustine in Medieval Western Culture Synthesis of Hebrew Monotheism, Greek Platonism, Roman Administrative Traditions...
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